December 16, 2017

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4 Top signs you're Ageing Prematurely. Are you showing these signs?

August 15, 2019

Our age doesn’t define us. We still have the same energy and vitality we had in our 20’s, although our face doesn’t always show it.


As the years roll on, you face the effects of your busy life in the form of deep lines, discoloured skin, wrinkles and more. A tired, aged appearance replaces your once radiant skin.


The first sign of Ageing pops up around your eyes, then slowly creeps around your lips. And finally, these signs appear all around your skin, ageing you beyond you care to admit. I bet you can relate this causes frustration and adds to the stress load you’re already struggling with (I know it did with me).


Before these signs become symptoms of something greater (e.g. a struggling liver presented as brown spots on your hands and feet), you can reverse signs of ageing naturally.


But first, you must recognise and understand the underlying causes of these signs.


Here are 4 top signs of accelerated ageing to be aware of are you showing these signs:




If the eyes are the windows to the soul, what would you like to frame those windows in?

Far too often we’re framing them in dark, tired-looking circles. The constant stress we experience drives us to stay up late working.


The lack of sleep causes your skin to become dull and your blood vessels to show as dark circles.


Making a bad situation worse, the later you stay up the more likely you are to fall into munching on fatty, overly processed, nutrient-light foods. In other words, food that lack the basic and vital nutrient to nourish the skin the way it should. To simplify, this habit introduces more stress to your liver, depriving you of nutrients to repair your skin.





Our mothers were right to chastise us or furrowing our brow too often. But repeated facial expressions aren’t the only cause of premature wrinkles.


Lifestyle habits such as smoking, consuming processed foods, stressful living and more alter out blood supply, starving it of the nutrients needed for beautiful, radiant skin you so much deserve.


Unfortunately, no amount of store-bought cleansers, scrubs, or other harsh facial regimes will help to reverse the signs once they have appeared. They can often make the situation worse.





Some individuals are born with sagging or drooping eyelids while others take severe trauma.  However, we’re focusing on the occurrence of sagging eyelids that develop as we age.


Around 40, your skin begins to need more Vitamin E than you can receive. This deficiency causes the skin around your eyes to lose elasticity, creating a 'droop' of sorts.

Read more about vitamin E in my blog Fat-soluble Vitamins.





Remember those causes of dark circles around your eyes?


Well, the same causes can trigger a puffiness under your eyes as well, making you look more tired and worn out that you are. When you experience lack of sleep, which allows fluid to build underneath your eyes (mind you, consuming too much salt in your food can cause this as well), creating a puffy look.

As well the muscles meant to support your lower eyelids weaken as well as you age, adding to the tired appearance.





You now understand that the ageing process starts on the inside and you know the causes of the signs of your premature ageing. 


Are you showing these signs?


You can begin to reverse, reduce, eliminate and or even prevent these sings. Depending on where you’re at in life.


You can start by incorporating several daily lifestyle changes. Going to bed earlier (at least 3-4 times a week), removing or replacing highly processed food with more fresh food, using proper suncare, doing face yoga and meditation are great habits to start with.


Even small changes can make a different, depending on what issue above you are dealing with.


These changes will ensure your body can target the specific ageing signs listed above. To help you to transform your look and health, I have created the ‘Ultimate Guide to Reverse the Sings of Ageing’ to address these points and more.





Premature ageing starts with the nutrients you neglected or are neglecting.


For example, foods high in Vitamin C help to prevent dark circles and puffiness. By triggering the production of Collagen, these foods naturally rejuvenate your skin. Examples include pineapple (rich in the enzyme bromelain), strawberries and cucumbers.


Authors tip: Try placing thin cucumber slices over your eyelids to help reduce puffiness.


Another nutrient deficiency causing dramatic ageing is Vitamin E, a key contributor to sagging skin.


Increasing your Vitamin E can boost the effectiveness of Vitamin C and vice versa.


These two vitamins work in tandem, as antioxidants, to increase the development of Collagen and Elastin. Start but consuming foods high in this nutrient, like green leafy vegetable as well as seeds and nuts.


But there is one caveat to achieving beautiful skin on beautiful food. But it’s not what you might think.


While consuming a plant-based diet rich in Vitamin E and C are great counteracting sings of ageing, it’s important we’re eating raw for real beauty. Nature provided these nutrients in their prim




e. By cooking these foods, we are denaturing their benefits. This means we only receive a fraction of nutrients after cooking then we would receive as raw.


When eating food high in nutrients, cells in your bloodstream are replaced with cells that aid the skin to not only look more youthful but also radiant.


Ready to see the power of eating a raw plant-based diet but don’t want the complications of figuring it out alone? I didn’t either, but I had no other choice. Luckily, you do!


I created a straightforward programme that simplifies Eating Raw for Real Beauty – The Ultimate Guide to Reverse the Ageing in 8 weeks. This rejuvenates your body the way it is naturally meant to.

Together, we can create radiant skin and reverse the signs of ageing naturally