December 16, 2017

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Veganuary is finished, what now?

February 2, 2018



Veganuary, what a way to start the year! And now that it has ran its phase, will you be continuing into #Meatfree February? Or did you go vegan in January to begin with? We’ve been talking with a lot of you in class and online and compiled a quick list of the biggest challenges people face getting started with vegan, raw vegan or even just sugar free. We want to offer a helping hand and a bit of empathy that this journey can be hard to start. Life happens. It’s never going to be a good time to make big changes and you will always have to go through a period of being uncomfortable while you learn the ropes. Maybe you’re a committed vegetarian looking to step it up to vegan, maybe you’re just looking to regain some energy and drop a few pounds, or maybe you just want to try something new. Whether you succeeded with Veganuary or just wished you could have committed, will you be Vegan tomorrow? Yuuga Kemistri has prepared a short piece to help overcome the barriers to entry.



It might feel like an incredible challenge or even daunting to take on the task to tackle your health, environment and or support animal rights. While for some it is the most natural thing in the world to do you all still have 24 hours in the day just like everyone else. And we get it! You’re working hard in your job, most of your week you get home late, you feel like you’re always on the go and making good nutrition choices is not always possible. So understandably adding rules and complications to your current day-to-day just screams expensive, time consuming and stressful.


Yuuga’s Humble Advice: We all have 24 hours in the day but time isn’t just linear! It’s what you make of your hours and minutes, not breaking them down into smaller units. So why not start with just one meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) and try to maximise your hours in the kitchen by making one meal in a big batch to last you the week. Example: overnight oats, chia seed pudding, soup or get your your slow cooker out and make some lentil dahl.


On the Go

There’s a reason your runners are worn out! You’re always on the go! And that only means one thing, your meals need to be quick, easy and accessible. When it comes to vegan, the rise in popularity of this approach means you will find almost everything on the market today. There is no reason why you wouldn't be able to go vegan.


Yuuga’s Humble Advice: One of the alternatives in the supermarkets today is

Vegusto is another brand that has been available for few years apart from the big supermarkets are making their own now like Sainsburys and Tesco range, however our preference is to keep the use of soy products to minimum. Many popular chains like Pret offer some great options too!


I can’t eat anything I like!

By ‘anything’ this usually means dairy and cheese. It can be very hard to avoid this when you’re eating out - it seems that milk, cheese and cream is in everything these days! But fear not, There is a great selection of alternative dairy, cheese and yogurt.


Yuuga’s Humble Advice: For dairy, I am mostly in favour of almond milk. Plenish Cleanse is one to pick for the high content of almonds 7%and at decent price. Most of the other brands have only between 1-3% so it’s better to make your one at home to keep the price of your liter down. It’s very easy to do (recipe below). Plus you can keep the pulp to make almond cookies, raw or not raw. For yogurt, Coyo coconut or Nush for an almond alternative is a great way to start. If you are up for the challenge you can easily make your own and it’s actually one of our recipes in the four weeks on raw plan, where you learn to make yogurt with sunflower seeds!



You’re a busy bee but you’re also health aware. So how do you incorporate the latter into your diet and reap the benefits. You want to eat more plant based or even transition to fully vegan but the barriers to entry that seem just too daunting to take on right now. As Yuuga teaches in class, you can truly eat whatever you want on a vegan diet, as long as you keep things in moderation. Making food is not a chore but fun and the more you get involved the more you connect with your own health and can spot or detect changes once they happen.


If you are truly struggling with time/pressure and making plantbased taste good, then the final option is just perfect. Yuuga has created a four weeks on raw plan with you in mind - the busy corporate gal striving to be healthy, environmentally conscious and full of energy. This plan contains 52 transitional recipes designed to make your life simpler, not harder. Everything is quick and easy.




Raw almond mylk recipe

1 cup organic unpasteurised Italian or Spanish almonds (our preference)

3-5 cups water

pinch himalayan salt

⅓ teaspoon vanilla pod (optional)



Soak the almonds for 12 hours in water and pinch of the salt, discard the water after 12 hours. You do this to activate the enzymes in the nuts and make them easier to digest and absorb the nutrients better.

Mix in a blender the activated almonds and water with remaining ingredients and blitz until thoroughly blended. Then, with a muslin cloth, sieve the pulp from the milk to use in other recipes. If you like the milk to be a bit thicker then skip this step. Bear in mind, if you use the salt in the soaking process it will not be needed in the actual MYLK.


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