December 16, 2017

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UpSmarting Your Food: Beetroot Brownie Reinvented

December 11, 2017

Do you upsmart your food? Ever heard of it? Yuuga is known for getting creative in the Kitchen. Asa, our founder, loves nothing more than tying the hair back, turning up the music and experimenting in the kitchen. No wonder she's created over 3 recipe e-books, over 10 bespoke raw vegan cooking classes (for more than 3000 curious foodies) and even a new brand in 2017 (iRaw Health Habits) with 17 of the 45 products already launched and available! You can explore for yourself on the iRaw website.


When putting on the apron and getting ready to create something in the kitchen, we tend to think we need to either follow a specific recipe OR try to create something from scratch. Both are valid but miss out on a huge opportunity to rethink an existing recipe/food. UpSmarting food is Yuuga's take on creatively rethinking existing food to give them a little oomph. Many of us are creatures of habits and eat very similar meals daily. And let's face it, sometimes it can get a little dull. Or perhaps you're on the other end and love getting creative in which case this post might give you a little inspiration. 


Today we are upgrading a Brownie from our friends @irawuk




Recipe: Beetroot + Basil Brownie with raw chocolate 
With Homemade Cashew butter & Raw chocolate coating


preparation time: 10 minutes



  1. One Beetroot Brownie 10 minutes

  2. Cashew Butter


  1. Break the brownie in 2 (or slice with a knife if you want smooth edges)

  2. Smear with a generous amount of cashew butter on both halves and put together like a sandwich. Leave a little to coat the top.

For the raw chocolate coating:



  1. 5 tablespoons gently melted cacao butter

  2. 1.5 tablespoons raw cacao

  3. 2 teaspoons coconut sugar, preferably finely ground

  4. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder


  1. Mix the cacao + coconut sugar together add the melted cacao butter and stir quickly then pour over the brownie.

And finally, the last thing to do: Grab with both hands and have a bite! #upsmarturfood

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