December 16, 2017

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Feeling Complete! What does it mean to feel complete and to feel whole?


Are you satisfied with life and with your body?


It is the 21st Century and body image is more prevalent than it ever has been before. On a daily basis we see photographs of beautiful men and women plastered over the front cover of most magazines, music videos and films. There is just no escaping these beautiful people, they make us feel insecure, insignificant, unhappy and incomplete in our own skin! Since when have we allowed the media to gain control of our body image and confidence? This has crept slowly into our lifestyles over the past three decades and has peaked over the last few years to a point of young adults and children suffering the consequences of this and feeling the must conform to these stereotypes and images they see on a daily basis with their peers. Young girls have been influenced and have experienced the worst of this female image frenzy in the media, eating disorders, bullying and worse. All because they feel they must conform to this image and what is being pushed onto them from peers to boys expectations. A vast majority of the public are unaware that these photographs are edited, these people are NOT perfect, they're altered photographs, the models are on strict diets that their managers and publicists have control over! 


Fast and convenient food has also had a massive impact on the lifestyles each of us led daily. The cheapest food and ingredients are more often than not the unhealthiest and of the worst quality especially for your life. As the cost of living is rising regularly and our salaries are not matching the rise in cost of living we can see families on the breadline, increase in the use of food banks and a very sharp DECREASE in the price of convenience food and junk food. Multi pack crisps for less than the price of a bag of potatoes! The snack food industry have forecasted and overseen the shift in families wanting to feed their families healthier foods, which has resulted in a drop in junk food sales. 


So what has this meant?


Because of this sharp turn, junk food companies such as Walkers, Mars, Nestle and many other have massively dropped the price of their multi pack products. For example a single 330g bag of crisps this costs around 70p, however, a multi-pack (7 bags) of 330g of crisps costs just £1. This in turn has halted the sales of fresh fruit and veg to mass sales in junk foods. The tables have turned to QUANTITY not Quality and this needs to change!


You are perfect, NO BODY is the same!


So what does it really mean to feel complete? This can have a different meaning for everyone, being around family, being with the person they love, finding a place to belong to lifestyle health choices!


Living on a Raw Food diet you will enjoy the beauty and pleasure of feeling nourished, healthy, younger, youthful, energetic and most importantly HAPPY in your OWN skin! Reading through testimonials from previous and current clients they have all felt complete and satisfied living the Raw Food lifestyle. You are feeding your body and soul living and energised food.


Yuuga Kemistri prides itself on a dedicated lifestyle and loving the body you are in. Adore your body it is your temple and it needs constant TLC, feeding it unhealthy foods on a daily basis will have a profound impact on it in days, months or years to come! With the raw lifestyle you will be feeding your temple, pure, healthy and life changing foods that will help your body age well, reduce the risk of serious illness, love your insides, make you feel more energetic, give you a glowing skin and more often than not, make you look 10 years younger! 


Accept the world and the people around you, no one is perfect and NO BODY is the same! I have worked in offices before where colleagues ridicule each other and talked bad about the people they work with, more often than not, their very own friends!


Negative people will only add to your negativity that you do not need in your life, peace, tranquillity, love and acceptance will help you accept your life, your body and those around you. Feeling complete and in love with life can only come from the lifestyle you lead and the people you surround yourself with. The Raw lifestyle will change your attitude to everything and everyone around you.


Accept and love the skin you’re in and treat it with the love and respect it deserves! Be generous and grateful for every day and everyone around you!



What does it mean to feel complete and to feel whole?




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