December 16, 2017

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What Colour is your Health?

We’ve all felt blue, green and red before when we’re sad, feeling sick or angry!


Have you ever felt the colour of your health?

Are you a meat eater or a vegetarian? What colour would you expect it to be?


After 26 years of eating meat I have just tried my hand at vegetarianism and I would never look back to eating meat again. Eating meat I felt heavy, bloated and exhausted after I had a meaty dinner or lunch. It made me feel red and brown like it was a weight on my shoulders and inside me.

Since I have cut out meat from my diet I have felt lighter and more energetic, I feel that the colour of my health is yellow genuinely because of the healthy foods that I have been eating. It was an astonishing turn and I never expected it to last nor did I expect it to have the impact on my health and life that it has.


So what do health colours mean to me?

To me the colour of health means that we all have an aura or a subconscious way we feel after we eat food, whether it be red for heavy and bloated, yellow for light and energetic or black for lethargic and exhausted and we all know how black feels, especially after a Sunday roast and a sneaky dessert on top.

Food doesn’t and shouldn’t make you feel that way, it is suppose to give you life, make you feel great, energetic and most importantly feeling fulfilled and full!

So why do people continue to eat foods that make them feel dark in colour?

Convenience? Addiction? Routine? Lazy? It could be a number of factors but it doesn’t need to be this way. You can still eat amazing foods that are convenient and are easy to prepare! Cutting out meat for a start is one way and increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits, this will be an easy transition and you’ll feel instant health changes GUARANTEED!


Moving on from increasing vegetables and fruit in your diet is the start of increasing your intake of plant based foods such as sprouted seeds and vegetables, produce that still has energy and life in them, that has not been tampered with through a variety of stages. These are called ‘Raw Foods’, they are living foods that our bodies crave and require to enhance our health and our lives!

Removing processed ingredients and eating natural, living, organic, gluten free foods will have a positive impact on our health.

Why do we put our bodies through so much strain and neglect?

Our bodies can adapt to a variety of things, such as climate, pressure, strain and food. The health implications from each can be minimal to severe and this is not always something that we take into consideration. Our body is our temple and we won’t get a new one if it breaks so looking after ourselves is the most important life rule to have. Living on a raw food diet can massively decrease your risk of serious illness and will genuinely make you feel and look younger.




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