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Upcoming Cooking Classes

Two classes to choose from! 


A two hour class to introduce you to delicious vegan recipes. Perfect for you to add a little healthy choices to your lifestyle



Looking to increase or add to your skills? Let Yuuga show you how to make simple basic raw vegan cheeses!

There's even a dessert included! 

Four Weeks on Raw

Whether you're looking to explore new recipes, refresh & reset after the holiday season or transition to a vegan or raw lifestyle, this plan is just the thing!

You will receive a pack with 52 transitional recipes to help you easily incorporate four weeks of raw vegan in your diet. Make it as flexible as you need - follow in full or incorporate one day a week. 

Raw Beauty

Age Greacefully the Natural Way; Eating Raw for Real Beauty, Detox naturally and DIY Skin Care Products.- Three sessions in 8 weeks.

Beauty Yoga

Gracefully Yours  Individual Yoga Programme based on Hatha,

Kundalini and Face Yoga as tought by Danielle Collince

Yuuga Blog

Are you ready to change you habits?

Check out our blog for the latest news on all things plant based nutrition and health. 

Go on you will like it ..


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